Hey, I'm Jake Bartlett
It's a pleasure meeting you.
A Little Bit About Me
I’ve been working professionally as a motion designer since 2010. After graduating with a degree in digital media and working at a production company in LA for 5 years, I made the jump to full-time freelance. Since then I've been teaching motion design courses online at Skillshare, School of Motion, and my YouTube channel
In 2022 I become the Lead Educator at Battle Axe, creating educational material available freely on YouTube and promoting the best third-party tools on the market for motion designers.
Supporting my family as a motion designer is a dream for me. I get to make things move every single day, and be at home with my wife and family while doing it.
I am not actively looking for client work, but am always open to hearing about new projects. If you have a project you're excited about and are interested in discussing it with me, don't hesitate to reach out.
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