Hey, I'm Jake Bartlett
It's a pleasure meeting you.

That's Jamie on the left, me on the right, and our Dalmatian, Pixel, in the spotlight.

A Little Bit About Me
I’ve been working as a motion designer for over ten years. After graduating with a degree in digital media and working at a production company in LA for 5 years, I made the jump to full-time freelance. Since then I've begun teaching motion design courses online at Skillshare, School of Motion, and my YouTube channel. Supporting my family as a motion designer is a dream for me. I get to make things move every single day, and be at home with my wife and family while doing it.
Since starting my professional career I’ve worked on a Netflix documentary and a film that went to Sundance in 2015. I’ve created graphics packages for clients like The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and HGTV. And I’ve designed and animated over 800 episodes of 8 different motion graphics shows for clients like Yahoo!, MSN, Twitter, YouTube, Pepsi, and VH1 to name a few.
I am not actively looking for client work, but am always open to hearing about new projects. If you have a project you're excited  about and are interested in discussing it with me, don't hesitate to reach out.
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