Many animators have been intimidated by the mysterious shape layers in After Effects, and few have truly understood how to unlock the enormous potential they offer to motion graphics...until now! Congratulations, you’ve just discovered The Ultimate Guide to Shape Layers in After Effects!
Complete this course and you’ll learn how to take advantage of creating graphics using shape layers in After Effects and unleash the power of operators (where the real magic happens).
For the class project you'll create a minimalist animation inspired by your favorite movie using basic geometric shapes. It's time to shape up!
My class project.
With each quick video tutorial we’ll cover a variety of topics, including:

Basic shape layer creation and behavior
Converting vector art to shape layers and prepping for animation
Shape layer operators
Animating with shape layers
And more topics essential to creating and animating shape layers efficiently in After Effects.

You’ll gain all the knowledge needed for an endless number of animation applications: logos, transitions, backgrounds, infographics, and motion graphics in general. This course will increase the efficiency of your workflow and allow you to create very complex and detailed animations in a very short amount of time. Attaining these skills will make you an asset to employers and give you the edge you need to become a successful motion graphics artist. Along the way your classmates and I will be available for project feedback, answering questions, and sharing inspiration.

While this is an introductory course, you should have a basic understanding of Adobe After Effects’ user interface and basic functionality. Every step will be clearly explained in each video, but we won’t be spending a lot of time learning how to do basic functions. See you in class!
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